Artisan is the dedicated food and craft  website and social media platforms for the food and craft businesses in all counties around Ireland. The Artisan food and craft sector represents over 10,000 innovative Entrepreneurs whose creative talents provide the nation and the world with some of the most amazing food and craft produce. Renowned for their expertise across a wide variety of sectors, these Entrepreneurs have created a multiplicity of products and services that have place Ireland at the very heart of the global artisan industry.

Every day artisanireland.ie will bring the nation a site full of information, ideas, innovation and an enthusiastic approach from its partners who are dedicated to delivering the very best for their customers and clients. Our approach is to ensure that the great artisan Entrepreneurs that are based in every village, town and city across Ireland should have their story told and their products and services promoted to everyone in Ireland and globally. Our role in Artisan is to do this and to carry the message of these great businesses to you our readers and followers. Our online platform and social media platforms will also ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the latest happenings from the great artisan businesses of Ireland.

The motto of Artisan is ‘Those who Conceive in the Heart and Craft by Hand’ and this motto is one that has been as carefully devised as the products and services that our food and craft Entrepreneurs produce. We know that the care, attention to detail and love that goes into the range of products and services that are produced in all parts of Ireland are done so others will equally appreciate them and get enjoyment and fulfilment from.

We will host a stunning event annually for the sector. The Artisan Awards 2019 will be our first event, and this will seek to recognise, acknowledge and award some of the great artisan food and craft businesses throughout the country.

We look forward to working with and promoting this great sector with as much passion and enthusiasm as the artisan producers have for their products and services and we look forward to encouraging many more people to enter the sector so that Ireland’s reputation continues to shine brightly as the leading global location for artisan Entrepreneurs.


I am honoured and privileged to be appointed as President of Artisan Ireland and I look forward to working with the members from areas across the country and the 10,000 amazing artisan food and craft entrepreneurs that are in every village, town and suburb of our country. The very appropriate and beautifully inspired motto for Artisan Ireland is ‘those who conceive in the heart and craft by hand’ and I am thrilled to see this being used, as I believe it aptly describes this industry and its people to perfection.

Establishing Artisan Ireland is all about giving a voice to the artisan sector that is worth close to €1 billion a year to the Irish economy and growing at a rate of more than 10 percent annually. The artisan food and craft sector has been poorly represented throughout the years and now it is time that this hugely important sector, which is a driving force of the Irish economy is properly represented and that those in government and state agencies recognise the importance of this developing sector.

The 10,000 jobs that the artisan sector supports is capable of creating even more in the years ahead and this is evidence that we all need to support the sector and encourage many more entrepreneurs into it. These jobs are sustainable and the industry is a cornerstone of the SME sector in Ireland that accounts for over 98% of all jobs in the Irish market.

I am delighted to see that Artisan Ireland has been established and I believe now is the best time to form it, as the food and crafts people must be represented by an organisation that will support them and help them to steady the ship through Brexit and help them find new partners in mainland Europe and in other emerging markets. We also hope to ensure that the Asian and Chinese market is opened, and it is now essential that our products are of a superlative quality and of consistent taste to the emerging Asian markets. I believe now, more than ever, that an organisation must be there to represent the industry and not only to central government but with the European Union and show clearly what artisan producers can produce in the entire Island of Ireland. We will strive to keep the entire organisation authentic and relevant to meet the ever-changing markets and concerns.

Many artisan producers are family operations, where they don’t have a tremendous amount of business guidance and access to large producers. It is our belief in Artisan Ireland that we can act as a conduit to this and all artisan food and craft producers can act as Goodwill Ambassadors for the industry. This will break down those barriers and open those doors and use resources available to us to help stimulate further growth for artisan producers into various markets and new territories.

I am delighted that we will be showcasing new producers daily, which will be all about promoting and showcasing the artisan entrepreneurs, as well as valuable updates and upskilling information that will be very beneficial. We will also have a highly interactive news portal on artisanireland.ie and coupled with our dedicated social media channels, we aim to be your partner as you grow your business.

From my experience of many artisan producers and the sector in Spain and throughout Europe, I believe Artisan Ireland will be an amazing resource and organisation for everyone in the sector.

Ken O’ Flynn